Do you do Pickup and Delivery?

Yes we do! book online, choose your bag and pay. Leave the rest with us!
We run it Tuesdays to Thursdays at the moment, 3x a week.

How does Pickup and Delivery work?

Pickup and delivery is made easy. You can complete the booking in seconds and we take all actions from then onwards.

Basically, you book online. We deliver your free laundry bag before the scheduled booking, we then come back to pickup the laundry on the scheduled booking, we wash/dry/fold your laundry, and we deliver it back to your doorstep fresh and clean.

Book now at

Do you accept coins?

Unfortunately, our sites are full cashless. Customers can choose to pay by EFTPOS or Credit Card. Additionally, you can also pay by QR code and use Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

Can I wash my PET laundry in your store?

We apologise as we do not allow pet laundry in Karori site but we do in Epuni site. 

Do I need to bring my own detergent?

For Self-service, Yes you can bring your own detergent and fab conditioner. But if you left them at home, we have a vending machine onsite. You can pay for the detergent from the kiosk, just select Wash and then Laundry Detergent. Follow instructions on the vending machine.

For Pickup and Delivery, and Dropoff services, it is free!

I need help, how can i contact you?

Our helpline is active 021 024 10989. Send us a text message or via whatsapp.

You can also reach us on Facebook