HOW DOES IT WORK? Step 1: You book online Step 2: We deliver your brand new laundry bag prior to scheduled booking. Fill the bag with your laundry. And yes, It is yours to reuse. Step 3: We collect your laundry on the scheduled booking. Step 4: We wash, dry, and fold your laundry Step 5: We deliver your laundry on the same day, if not the next day. IMPORTANT NOTE: 1. Everything in the bag will be washed and dried together, be cautious of color bleeds and sharp objects in the pockets. Spinfresh is not liable for any damage caused. 2. Laundry pickup is between 8am to 11am depending on the day's workload. Please make sure your laundry is ready for pickup around 8am on the scheduled day. The selected time in the booking is just to get your order on the day's pickup list.

  • Spinfresh Laundry Business
  • Service Duration: 1 Minutes
  • Address: 270 Karori Road, Karori, Wellington, New Zealand (Map)
  • Price:NZ$99.90 NZ$49